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Hi. This journal started as a handy account for reading and replying to LJ posts, but has morphed into a bit of an exercise-and-recipe log. (I don't often use the gym treadmill, but when I do, I'm usually watching The Food Network.)

My real blog is at http://living400lbs.wordpress.com. Someone created an LJ feed at living400.

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Aug. 24th, 2010

Today I was going to do my arm & shoulder weights.
Today I got 5 36-can cases of pop at the warehouse store.

... my biceps decided that counts. ;)
Today was one of those "feel achy and sore and don't wanna" days, so I watched Ina Garten make a picnic (the shrimp salad looks good, but dunno about mayo on a picnic) and did 20 minutes on the treadmill anyway. I did a few stretches after, which felt fabulous...I've been focusing on strength training and walking, not stretching.

Jun. 2nd, 2010

Today's walk involved going to a nearby restaurant for wine and conversation with a friend. Because sometimes I need a bigger reward than just having the walk done ;)
I've been slacking a bit on walking, but have been doing leg lifts and extra stairs and such, so I was glad (but not too surprised) that I handled walking a couple miles on Saturday okay.

Monday I ran errands that involved walking.

Today I hit the gym - 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill, during which Rachel Ray made chicken-and-egg sandwiches and Ina Garten prepped Bloody Marys. The sandwiches have me wondering if she really expects people to make them the way she does or to just make the parts that sound appealing...

more workout notes

20 minutes on the treadmill, a bit over .6 miles. Slow, but not as slow as I was (used to do .4 miles in 20 minutes). Meanwhile Ina Garten made chocolate pudding and couscous.

Also did 50lb leg extensions and 10lb curls/presses. It's kind of weird to write it that way because the 50lb exercise used both legs and the 10lb dumbbells meant each arm had 10lbs, but...oh well.
Yesterday: Just under 1/2 a mile. I felt an odd sort of hyper - mentally tired from the day's work, but not physically. The walk felt good, and I followed it with leg lifts and wall-ups.

Today: About a third of a mile, but despite wearing dressier shoes I felt fine, so I'm happy ;)

treadmill today

...sort of. I did walk a couple of blocks before going to work this morning, just to help me wake up.

After lunch, I walked a 1/2 mile on the treadmill while watching Barefoot Contessa stuff deboned butterflied chickens (not just breasts, chickens) with a rosemary-garlic-lemon marinade.
Walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Ended up doing my normal walk and had a glass of wine ;)

Yesterday I went for a walk after dinner to help let go of some of the feelings stirred up by this piece on "childhood obesity" theoryofgravity posted at Fatshionista.com. Eloquent, good, and without the raging profanity or suicidal ramblings that my attempts at the topic inevitably get lost in, hence my not writing on the topic myself.

(I'd cried before dinner. Funny I didn't cry while reading it, but after it all cut loose.)

back to the gym...

Did a little over a half-mile on the treadmill in 18 minutes.

On the treadmill TV I watched Ina make meat loaf, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts; the sprouts were cooked in bacon fat and chicken stock with bacon and golden raisins.

(Oh, and if this gets too boring I can put workout stuffs behind a cut.)
Today: Did my normal walk-at-work in near-blinding SUNSHINE. (How did that happen?) Hoping the Fresh Air and Exercise will help my headache and timechange-jet-lag feeling.

Yesterday: Small walk before breakfast and 8 or 9 trips up/down the stairs due to laundry/cleaning.
Today's walk was at Emerald City Comic Con. The walking was fine, the standing in line was ... not so good. My left knee was hurting waiting after a while; once I got to the front of the line and played fangirl I found a quiet corner and sat on the floor to let my knee rest a bit. After a while I got moving again and the walking seemed to help.

Probably over a mile today.

snuck outside

I managed to get outside when it wasn't raining and did my usual .4-mile loop. My heart beats faster and I'm breathing harder, but not in a "can't catch my breath" fashion. :)
Another turn around the parking lot. I think it took 12 or 13 minutes ... a few months ago, walking with a cane, it was taking 20.

Today is a nice 50F and sunny at least. Cherry trees are still dripping blossoms; other plants are starting to bud.
Did the loop around the parking lot near work - about half of yesterday, but that's okay. Did a couple stretches and walked back upstairs afterward.

Procrastination + Rain = Mall

First time I went to take a walk I ended up dusting. Second time I swept and mopped the kitchen floor. By the time I actually quit procrastinating it was raining, so I headed to a neighborhood mall. Read more...Collapse )
If a magic genie told you your calories wouldn't count for 24 hours, would it change what and how much you ate that day?

I wouldn't change a thing about what and how I ate that day. When possible, I eat what I want and stop when I'm full.

(Now, if someone wanted to ensure everything I ate for one day were free, I'd be tempted to have lunch at the Space Needle and dinner at The Herbfarm ;)


This was the first of 4 comments from the same guy, all to the same post:

WRONG. I’m an example of someone who lost 25 pounds 7 years ago, and have kept that weight off. I know anyone can come along and write any old thing they want here, but I have better things to do with my time than misrepresent myself on a discussion forum.

I’m in the minority, but I’ve achieved what I’ve acheived by changing my whole approach to and relationship with eating, so I consume a lot less, and it doesn’t feel like “dieting.” You can choose to believe me or not, but I want to relate my experience as a way of providing people hope.

"I want to relate my experience as a way of providing people hope." Right. Because losing 25 fucking pounds would COMPLETELY CHANGE MY LIFE.

(Hint: I lost 15lbs the last time I had the flu. No one noticed the weight loss. My last diet? I lost 30lbs and went down a bra size. No one noticed.)

Oh, and his "method"? Skip breakfast and lunch. Maybe have a "snack" around noon. Eat a wide variety of foods for dinner. Right. But he's found a couple nutritionists who endorse it so it's totally healthy!

100th post :)

My 100th fat blog post went up today. I decided to go a bit meta and made it about the blog - hey, this is the 100th post, there's been over 300 non-spam comments, here's the top 10 most-viewed posts/pages, and some stuff on the search terms that lead people to the blog.

Generally speaking I think the blog is doing okay. Readership / page views have been slowly increasing. Comments are more sporadic than on LJ, which may have to do with it being a more "normal" blog than LJ. :) The spamtrap is catching most spam comments, and I seem to only have one troll so far.

(Fyi, it's syndicated at living400)

for the curious

 This account is mostly so I can reply to folks' LJs.  

Real blog is living400lbs.wordpress.com, syndicated at living400.